Please note that every single product shows a slight deviation in color and texture from the image shown on our online shop, catalogue or flyer. 

All our products are made of genuine cowhide leather and receive their unique patina (i.e. the color stucture on it's surface) from their treatment with oils and color during the tanning process. Minor scratches on the leather are proof of the pastorial cattle breeding in Ethiopia.

Due to the oil in this leather it does not have to be cared too often - usually 1-2 times a year.

The leather is already very soft and is further softened by its use. The patina of the leather is developing over time, depending on the use, weather and environmental influences. Materials who loose color by touching the leather, scratches, environments with high humidity and long exposure to water and sunlight are not conducive to the long-term preservation of the leather.

When leaving our house, every article is treated with an ecological leather care to provide it with protection against wetness and other influences from the beginning. 

Products recommended by us: 

  • To remove scratches, dirt etc. - Collonil Classic Soft gum
  • To care for leather-tapir leather Care (ecological product)