In our manufactory are only women at work:-) 

The atmosphere in our factory in Addis Ababa is always positive! The women who work for us see their job as a chance for improvement. Improving your living conditions due to good pay, improving your working environment due to individual support and a way of working with a lot of self-responsibility within small teams. 

The longer someone works with us, the more we can promote! Our quality controller on site started 2016 as a seamstress and within a few months it was clear that she should have the responsibility for the sewing of all the teams, since she has a good eye for high-quality sewing and knows what needs to be respected. A few days ago, Elsa has now returned from a workshop on the topic of ' efficiency in production ' and now has the task of implementing what has been learned into reality. 

Almost all our employees have the opportunity to deepen their skills and to grow into new exciting tasks. This is just as much a profit for Kootkeet as it is for women, because they are always motivated, feel in their commitment and improve their performance continuously. This also leads to a continual improvement of Kootkeet's products. High quality, creative designs, the organization of our manufactory and the optimization of our manufacturing process are important cornerstones for us to always satisfy all our customers. 

 We want it to go on like this for us!

The Kootkeet family!